April 2013: Apps… the Good ones

April was a special month for me. Why? Well, some of my most favourite Android apps were released in April and Adam and Victor both agreed to write for my little blog. I’m not going to talk about our friendship now, I’m gonna talk about some apps which were great! So here goes:

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile

Most of you guys don’t know what FL Studio is unless you played around with the Desktop Version. FL Studio is a digital audio workstation. It’s used by both Professionals and the average Joe. It allows you to make beats, there are tons of samples, effects and other stuff you can play around with. I, personally, have done more than playing around. I love making music and I sure do love FL Studio. Of Course, you won’t be able to do any serious work on FL Studio Mobile but it’s an app worth trying out.


Roundr in action

Roundr puts rounded-corners on your screen. You can choose the radius and other stuff. You might ask what’s the big thing about it? Well, I thought it was just another app on Play Store but I was wrong. Once I downloaded and set it up, the effect was pretty great. It was damn awesome, everything looked a bit cleaner and more awesome!

Ninja SMS

Ninja SMS

Ninja SMS is a floating app. Meaning? You don’t have to close or take your eyes of whatever you are doing now to reply to a message. This app is really useful. You don’t have to open up your Message app, you can reply right on the spot!

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