AndroidOnLinux Terminated, To Be Resurrected

I’m sorry to announce that this blog of mine has been shut down even before it started to grasp it’s true path.

The Reasons can be better explained by some one experienced in web hosting. Webmasters close with great frequency and my Website is just a sub-domain of Not that I think WordPress will close anytime soon. There is simply no point in having a website which is just a sub-domain and so, AndroidOnLinux was killed.

Continuing on the sub-domain is equal to building a card-palace in mid-air. AOL cannot grow anymore in WordPress’s shadow. The reason to shut down was only further enforced by financial difficulties and more and more problems piling up like Linux Distros. The fact that I couldn’t do anything at all without a better connection was always a major obstacle from the beginning. But I managed to overlook these obstacles for some time and brought things along for a while until, the fact that my PC is dying made itself apparent. I cannot afford a new PC or a faster Internet Connection now and to top it all, I sure cannot buy a domain without the former and the latter.

Now that I have voiced the reasons behind AOL’s Termination, I will proceed to the brighter parts – of resurrection.

I will most likely return and those will surely be better times. So, in short, the tombstone has been driven into the ground and the coffin’s nailed. You might expect occasional posts once in a while, though not THAT frequently.

As of the new website, it will have a broader scope than AOL… Touching subjects outside the Android plate and deeper into the Linux World. The ideas and writings of AOL will only be a sub-section of the new one, if it gets out.

So, my dear readers, an Apology you truly deserve. I only hope that I can find it in me to start AOL’s big daddy and cover every need.



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