Setting Up a Good Android Development Environment with Eclipse

A Good Development Environment is a must if you plan to do some Developing. Setting up a good development environment can take from a couple of hours to a day and it is cost-free, you don’t have to spend even a penny. Before we start, remember that you need to set up ADB and the Android SDK which are the most important tools, if you haven’t already set up the Android SDK (And ADB) then read our guide on doing that.

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Setting Up ADB on Linux

ADB is a tool used to connect and send commands to your Android phone from a desktop or laptop computer. In other words, it’s like the command center. ADB is a very important tool, it is used for various purposes, from rooting your phone to messing with system codes. A Developer/Themer is crippled without ADB and if you’re just an average user, you will still need it… Don’t you want all that sweet ROMs and Mods? Continue reading