Themer’s Section Put on Hold, Writers Wanted!

AndroidOnLinux is a blog I started up a couple of weeks ago and It’s pretty hard to take care of all the sections, so I will have to put the Themer’s section on hold. I am currently focusing on the Developer Section and I am planning to do some in-depth guides on Android Development. The Themer’s section will be up and running soon.

If you are interested in writing for the Themer’s Section, contact me:


Setting Up ADB on Linux

ADB is a tool used to connect and send commands to your Android phone from a desktop or laptop computer. In other words, it’s like the command center. ADB is a very important tool, it is used for various purposes, from rooting your phone to messing with system codes. A Developer/Themer is crippled without ADB and if you’re just an average user, you will still need it… Don’t you want all that sweet ROMs and Mods? Continue reading